Running Your First Marathon With Canadian Health&Care Mall

Canadian Health&Care Mall has developed special programs for runners - those who just want to start it, and those who are going to run the whole marathon.

Do you also dream of participating in a long distance running marathon? You have a chance for it!

Marathons have become very popular because a huge number of people love running. After all, it's the easiest way to keep your body in a good shape. As soon as people start running in the morning, they become so addicted that they dream of running a real marathon. However, the race should not turn into health problems. You can prepare for it with the help of competent doctors - the partners of Canadian Health&Care Mall.

"Long Distance Running Optimum Program"

If you have been running for a long time and dream of participating in serious races, this program will be your Related Site ideal choice. It includes a complete examination of the body. The received results will help you learn all about your health and make a proper plan for preparing for the marathon. This program is also suitable for beginners. With it, it will be easier for you to determine the load level you need.

This program includes:

• ECG;
• Echocardiography;
• Examination of the lower extremities;
• General blood analysis;
• Blood glucose
• Cholesterol;
• Creatinine;
• Traumatologist's consultation;
• Therapist's consultation.

These programs will not only make you more confident in your abilities. After each program, you will receive a medical certificate of admission to the competition!

If you want to participate in a marathon, start with the necessary surveys. We have developed two programs for runners - both beginners and experienced.

"Long Distance Running Minimum Program"

If you just a beginner and do not know where to start and what loads will be safe for your health, this program is for you. It includes the necessary minimum of surveys for those who want to run or have just started their studies.

The program includes:

• ECG;
• Echocardiography;
• General blood analysis;
• Therapist's consultation.

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